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Silvitra 120mg

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Silvitra 120mg is a combination of Generic Viagra with Generic Levitra.


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Silvitra is the best medication for curing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation. It has been used by millions of males worldwide who have reported that they were able to attain a strong erection and maintain the hardness long enough to achieve an intense climax without worrying that their hardness would collapse before satisfying their partners as well as themselves. Silvitra provides a harder – not loose – erection and for longer when compared with other ED medications in the market today; thus giving you the best, continued sexual act.

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Silvitra 120mg Buy Online and know dosage

Recommended dosage for consuming Silvitra 120 mg:

  •  Take a single pill of Silvitra an hour before having sex. 
  •  Do not take more than one pill of Silvitra in a day.
  •  Ensure you have consulted a physician before starting consuming Silvitra so as to minimize the chances of severe side effects.

Precautions about Silvitra 120mg

Things to be kept in mind before consuming Silvitra 120mg:
  • Silvitra should not be administered to patients with coronary diseases;
  •  Persons taking nitrate drugs should not consume Silvitra. Sildenafil reacts with nitrates and may result to a fatal ending. Contact a physician if you are unsure which drugs contain nitrate compounds.

  • Make sure you read the instructions contained in the patient information leaflet that is packed with the preparation before taking it and use the preparation only for the conditions catered for by the manufacturer.

  • Silvitra is meant for adult males. Keep the drugs away from women and children.

Like all medicines Silvitra 120mg may also have some side effects:
  • Nasal clogging;
  • Reddening of the eyes;
  • Blurred seeing;
  • Headache;
  • Insomnia; and
  • Nausea

Seek the help of a physician if any of the aforementioned doesn’t disappear.

It’s necessary to consult your doctor before taking the drug. Patients with hypersensitivity (allergy) to any of the drug’s component should avoid taking Silvitra 120mg. The history of heart diseases should not take the drug without a thorough consultation with a medical specialist. Patients with hypotension should avoid using Silvitra 100/20 Sildenafil Citrate 100mg Vardenafil 20mg . 


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