Here at, we have set up a refund policy to ensure customer satisfaction. Our pharmacy has earned a strong reputation and a position among the top online pharmacies because of our focus on customer satisfaction since our establishment in 2004. As a perfect  pharmacy, we believe in serving customers with the best medicines at the best prices, and we offer a 100 percent refund in the following situations:

  • A delay in delivering the product
  • Damaged and/or tampered products when delivered
  • Customs problems

In all above mentioned situation , if buyer asks for reshipping that is also done.

 We also reship these medications under the following circumstances, since we believe in keeping the health of our customers:

  • Dissatisfaction : If Wrong Brand or Wrong Ingredient / Molecule drugs that have been shipped
  • Incorrect product delivery
  • Products delivered are not in good condition
  • Products have been delivered to a wrong address due to errors in our system
  • Problems with Customs


We recommend the proper disposing of drugs rather than returning them to us if the products that the customer gets are damaged or in an improper condition. Once a customer places a request along with valid proof of the issue, we will process the same and, if approved, reship the product.


Customer can cancel their order at any time within 24 hours of placing it. This is because we process the order within 24 hours, and by this time we would already send out the product for shipping from our offices. Once an order has been sent from our offices for shipping, it is out of our power to stop the delivery and the order cannot be cancelled.

Refunds and Reshipment Process

The process for obtaining a refund or a reshipment is very simple, and it has been split into the steps given below:

  • Contact our customer care department via the LIVE CHAT, we have provided or through email and specify the problem. Please keep the details ready since we may ask for them at this point.
  • Make special note of the order number and the reason for which you are requesting a refund or reshipment. Both these aspects must be very clear for us to process the request.
  • Once a request has been filed, we will begin our investigation and trace the order.
  • If the conditions mentioned above have been met for the request you made, we will then initiate the refund of the product.


Note : You are always suggested to order those medicines which yu have used / using or has been suggested by your Doctor. Because there is NO REFUND on outcome of medicines. As outcome varies person to person , specially if you are trying first time .

We provide only certified and qulaty medicines so we can GURANTEE about the quality of the medicine.