Tab Sildenafil-50mg

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Tab Sildenafil-50mg

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Tab Sildenafil-50mg is an effective Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment for men.


Tab Sildenafil-50mg is an effective Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment that has been tested and certified by customers themselves. It relaxes the wall of arteries and allows the increased flow of blood in the penis, thus helping the user to attain successful erections for long time.
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Recomended dosage is one pill of Tab Sildenafil-50mg about 1 hour prior to sexual intercourse. Do not consume heavy meals before or after medication, as it may reduce the effects of the medication. However, the duration of durg-effects after cosuming Tab Sildenafil-50mg medication may vary from person to person.

Consult your doctor about your previous and present health conditions. Talk to your doctor before consuming Tab Sildenafil-50mg. Do not consume the medication, if you have serious health consequences. Do not consume Tab Sildenafil-50mg with alcohol, it may produce slowdown the effect of consumed medication. 
Tab Sildenafil-50mg is contraindicated for use in following cases:
• Pregnancy 
• History of heart problems 
• Kidney diseases
• Blood diseases 
• Penis Anatomical deformation 
• High blood pressure
• Combined use with Nitrates
• Cases of Sildenafil citrate/ PDE5 inhibitor allergic reactions 
• Severe liver diseases
• Peptic ulcer
• Vision disorders 
• low blood pressure


Some of the common side-effects of Tab Sildenafil-50mg are: 
• Headaches
• Upset stomach or dyspepsia
• Urinary tract infections
• Diarrhea
• Unexplained rash
• Hot flashes
• Nasal congestion
• Vision problems for example: blurred vision
• Dizziness


Missed dose:
The drug is not used as regular medication, which allows the user to take the medication at desired hours. However, the medication should be only used when needed. Do not take more than one pill a day, otherwise you may suffer from the consequences of being overdosed. 

In case of overdose seek immediate medical attention or contact nearest poison control center. Some of the typical signs and symptoms of Tab Sildenafil-50mg overdose include fainting, severe dizziness, irregular heartbeat and chest pain. 

Drug interaction:
Tab Sildenafil-50mg should not be taken in combination with nitrate-based medications or drugs. Also check whether you are allergic to components of ED medications. 

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