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Tadalis Oral Jelly

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Tadalis Oral Jelly 20mg is a medication which is suggested as a treatment for male impotency.


Tadalis Oral Jelly is a medication which is suggested as a treatment for male impotency which is also scientifically known as erectile dysfunction. The treatment is a revised edition of its predecessors and shows significant long lasting effects within a short span of time. It takes approximately 30 minutes for Tadalis Oral Jelly to start its functions, unlike some other medication which takes 60 minutes to show its effects. The effect of this medication persists for approximately 24 to 36 hours; this means that you do not have to take another dose for next 24 to 36 hours. . Tadalis oral jelly contains Tadalafil as main ingredient. The drug works quickly and mixes at once in the blood stream. It is the fastest remedy to treat impotency till now. Streangth: 20mg

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50 mg of Tadalis Oral Jelly is the most recommended and standard dosage. Tadalis Oral jelly Tab should be squeezed in a spoon and consumed orally. The tab should be placed under the tongue till dissolved. Consume it 15-30 minutes before sexual activity.
Do not consume more than one dosage in a day. Second dosage must be only consumed after 36 hours of the consumption of first dose. Tadalis Oral Jelly must be consumed on an empty stomach. Low-fat meal can also be taken for quick and better results.
Excess dosage of Tadalis Oral Jelly can lead to side-effects, which includes the following: • facial flushing • chest pain • stomach upset • heartburn • diarrhea • headache • lightheadedness • Eye-related complications for example: blurred vision, sensitivity towards lights • Problem in hearing pattern • Experience prolonged painful erections (for six hours and above).

Missed dose:

Do not take extra dose or double dose to forfeit the missed dosage. You may continue the dosage from next day. If you have forgotten to take a dose, take as soon as remembered.


Seek quick medication attention or contact poison control center, in case of overdose. Some common symptoms of overdose include, fainting, dizziness and headache etc.

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