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Sildigra 120mg may at times be referred to as Sildenafil Citrate anaconda 120mg. It has proved to be very efficient since it also contains the ingredient sildenafil which is an active inhibitor of enzymes that blocks enzyme which reduces blood flow thus effectively seeing blood flow to the genitals. Sildigra 120mg contains anaconda as the main ingredient which is very effective in curbing impotency since it has an increased amount of sildenafil. This medication should be taken a few minutes before having sex and it could even last for 5 hours.

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Sildigra 120mg should be consumed orally by males who are suffering from impotency. The recommended dosage is one tablet a day which should be consumed an hour prior to sexual activity. Under no circumstances should one consume two tablets in less than 24 hours since this will be considered as overdose and according to studies, overdose of Sildigra 120mg might lead to serious side effects.
Other than avoiding consuming overdoses, people are advised to consider the following precautions too before starting sildigra 120mg medications. • Avoid this drug if you have a history of high blood pressure. This drug works by concentrating high levels of blood at the genitals and this could affect people with high blood pressure complications adversely. • If you have heart or cardiovascular related diseases, you should also desist from using this medication. There is likelihood of a heart attack occurring since the drug increases the rate at which blood is pumped and at the same time increases the rate of blood flow. • If you are allergic to sildenafil products, you should also avoid using this medicine. Serious side effects like facial swelling or tongue swelling and chest pains might be exhibited if you ignore this. • If you are under medications that contain nitrates, you should not take this drug since they will react and cause more harm than good. • Similarly, avoid mixing or using this drug with other Viagra tabs.

Here are some of these common mild side effects of Sildigra 120mg:
• Diarrhea
• Headaches
• Stomach upsets
• facial flushing
• Breathing problems.

Even though you used sildigra 120mg tabs appropriately, you might experience some mild side effects as well. These are nothing to worry about since they are caused due to the imbalances of hormonal functions and dehydration and after some time they will disappear.Sildigra 120mg is a strong dose, probably strong than Viagra, and one should note that it is only used for curbing erection problems. However, do not expect it to cause an erection since it is not an aphrodisiac. You will have to find a stimulator for you to experience an erection. However, sildigra will be capable of ensuring that the erection is strong and firm and that it lasts for a longer period. 

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