Sildigra CT 7 Different Flavour

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Sildigra CT 7 Different Flavour

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Sildigra CT 7 Different Flavour is an oral treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) issues in males.


Sildigra CT 7 Different Flavour contains Sildenafil as its active element. This medication effectively and efficiently resolves erectile malfunction as well as early climaxing. Sildigra CT 7 Different Flavor will surely give you a deeply satisfying intense sexual encounter.
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• The appropriate dosage for Sildigra CT 7 is one 100 mg pill in a day. It is dangerous to take more than one tablet of Sildigra CT 7 within 24 hours. • Sildigra CT 7 must be consumed an hour prior to sexual intercourse. This time allows for the jelly to be absorbed into the blood stream. • Rapid results are achieved when Sildigra CT 7 is taken on an empty stomach. It can be taken with meals as well, preferably low fat foods. Creamy foods slow the uptake of Sildigra CT 7 and thus inhibit optimum results. • Always contact your doctor before you start treatment with Sildigra CT 7 and regularly seek his/her counsel during treatment. If you observe no improvement in the manner of a harder erection that is sustained for longer duration, inform your doctor. S/he should increase your dosage. • If you happen to miss a dose of Sildigra CT 7, take it the soonest possible. If it coincides with the moment for the next dose, omit the missed dose. In case of an overdose, contact your physician immediately.
Do not chew or crush the pill. Swallow it wholly with a glassful of water. Be sure to consult a physician before embarking on Sildigra CT 7 to treat impotence and erectile problems. Thoroughly understand the instructions on the consumer information handout before consuming the drug. Take the drug with food if you experience stomach upset after consuming Sildigra CT 7 tablet. Never change the dosage without seeking the doctor’s advice.
All drugs may result into unwanted side effects. Most people however do not show any side effects. Some side effects are less serious while others can be fatal if experienced for prolonged periods. The common side effects emanating from Sildigra CT 7treatment includes; Headache, Stomach upsets, Diarrhea, Facial flushing and A stuffy nose Relatively uncommon serious side effects of Sildigra CT 7 tablets include; Irregular heart rate, Breathing difficulties, Pain in the chest, Muscular aches, Hurting erections and Hearing problems Serious side effects require immediate attention from a physician.
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