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Malegra DXT

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Malegra DXT is a cheap treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) issues.


Malegra DXT has both Duloxetine and Sildenafil in its compound so we can say that it is a combinational drug of these two. The therapeutic result is immense: Beside from the stable and long erection, the Malegra DXT, Sildenafil drugs offers its patient longer sex before the ejaculation and treats early ejaculation troubles.
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Malegra DXT pill includes 100mg Sildenafil plus 30mg of Duloxetine, thus an overall dose of energetic substances is 130mg for each tablet. The suggested dose for the Malegra DXT is one tablet in 24 hours and should consume at least one hour before you are planning for the sexual activity. Malegra DXT drug effects last for the 6 hours and may be more, it make your sexual experience pleasant and rich.
It is not suggested to men who are younger than the 18 years and older than the 60 years for probable problems. If you take this you it is not must to chew up the tablet, although swallow it. This drug not protects the consumer from the AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases. It is unsafe to mix up Malegra DXT with alcohol.
Although Malegra DXT is generally secure and also causes slight to nothing unfavorable effects, you must take care of using Malegra DXT. The most excellent alternative is to ask your doctor about the proper direction of using this drug as well as the medical suggestion how to use it. But, sometimes patients may experience indigestion, headaches, flushing and back pain after taking the drug.
Missed dose: You don’t have to worry about the missed dose, because it is a onetime action pills. Don’t take care about the drug often: you are able to use it only while you need its causes. Overdose: Don’t take the overdose of Malegra DXT. Greatest positive effect of this drug is get with only one tablet. Extra increment in dose of Malegra DXT might lead to other complications and low blood pressure. If you weakness, feel dizziness or drowsiness when you take Malegra DXT, then immediately consult your doctor or medical care expert for the further of this drug. These substances in one product help: a. Extend sexual duration b. Improve erection c. Strengthen thrill from orgasm.
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